Tuesday, 8 June 2010

V8 Plymouth Belvedere

Here are todays progress pics of 'Penny'. I feel I've made quite good progress on her today. I'm going to call that it for today as mt eyes are aching.


  1. I think you're getting faster on these cars Jo

  2. Hi Jo, This is looking stunning! you really seem to have got to grips with these metal beasts and look to be enjoying it ;-)
    Go easy on your eyes though!

  3. Sue, not faster but more confident I think.

    Kay,I'm getting the hang of them a bit more. Fur is easier than metal though.

  4. Sorry to ask if you've already said but are you using cp's for these? I know that like me you often work in pastel but these look too detailed for that?
    I'm sure metal is trickier than fur but it's good to broaden your horizons ;-)

  5. No they're pastel Kay, the old faithful. I didn't enjoy doing cp's when I had a go, too slow working for me. The metal is very challenging but it has made me more confident in my ability as to what I can achieve.