Thursday, 30 September 2010

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Christmas cards

I've added two new Christmas card designs to my website. Hope you like them.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Christmas cards

I now have a selection of hand painted Christmas cards available via my website All cards are unique and could be framed by the recipient as mini original artworks. All designs are copyright Joanne Simpson.

I've now got four pet portraits completed that I can't show as they're all for gifts. It's a bit frustrating having to wait to show them.

Next I think it's another car.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Where do I start??

Oh no I'm just so rubbish at this blogging!!! The days are just flying by. I completed the Black lab commission (sorry can't post until October). I've then had a little holiday. We went to visit some friends who live in Suffolk. Had a lovely time. We travelled down early on the Saturday and had a lovely walk in Dunwich forest in the afternoon. Pip and Oscar(his bezzy mate German Shepherd) had a fab time running around. We saw some Dartmoor ponies, no I've not lost the plot with Dartmoor ponies in Suffolk. They have a scheme in operation whereby they are integrating the Dartmoor ponies into the area. We came across 2 youngsters first who were not in the least bothered by our presence. Of course I'd forgotton to take my camera.....derr!!! Further along the walk we saw another group of 4 who were older but still not fazed by bounce about Pip and Oscar.

Sunday we went to a local fete. Made the mistake of taking Pippy dog , who unfortunately is not good on the lead. he dragged us there and then was so unsettled trying to 'round up' our group, we decided to take him back to Denise and Davids. There was a flying display later in the afternoon which we were able to watch from D and D's garden.

Monday we went into Aldeburgh, I just love this village, a mix of quaint cottages and larger buildings. Some brightly painted. I've been to Aldeburgh on several ocassions over the years but I particularly wanted to go and visit Peter Williams' exhibiton at the cinema gallery. Not to be disappointed. Pete is a fab artist. Having 'known' Pete via the internet over a number of years it was nice to meet him in person. We had a good chat about his art and I bought a print of a Sea horse that is awash with colour. We then went and had lunch at a hotel on the seafront and watched the waves crashing onto the pebbly beach. A really nice sight and sound when you live nowhere near the coast.

Tuesday, poor Den had to go to hoo...... but one thing I wanted to do whilst I was there was to have fish and chips on the pier at Southwold. Now as some of you will know I'm on some new diabetic medication which supresses my appetite, so I had to make sure I got the smallest portion of fish and chips out of the three of us. By heck it was DELICIOUS. Didn't manage all my chips but ate all the fish which was my goal:-))

Back home on Wednesday and then 'pottering' about for the rest of the week.

Soooooo this week back to the grindstone. I should have started a Morkie(Yorkie and Maltese cross) for an overseas customer but hadn't received the photos so have done a white cat commission and started a cross breed dog today. I can't post any pics at the mo as they're all for surprise gifts.

New meds are going well. Have lost 16lbs so far and feel fab. I've been really lucky as I've had no side effects to speak of. Blood sugar levels seem good but I really could do with an HBA1c test to see what my long term average is to see improvement level. Due at the hospital at the end of the month so should know more then.

Right off to sort dinner as Roy is due home anytime.

Hope everyone is keeping well.