Tuesday, 22 December 2009


I've finished my Brothers' dog today subject to hubby passing it!!(he's knew the dog and is a very honest critic) so the pastels can be put away for a few days.

I need to finish the Christmas shopping tomorrow subject to weather that is. We've had alot more snow today. Hubby is stuck in slow traffic trying to get home. Left work two and a half hours ago and still no sign of him. Will not be a happy bunny when he eventually gets home.

Sunday, 20 December 2009


I've now completed all my Christmas commissions except the one for my brother which I'm going to start today. I was going to have a break between Christmas and New Year but have decided I'll make a start on the classic car instead.

We've got quite a good covering of snow this morning and it's given more heavy snow for later in the day. Looks very pretty at the moment. I hate it when it all turns to slush though.

I managed to get all my cards written and sent during the week. I need to wrap some presents and then I think I'm organised!!