Sunday, 20 December 2009


I've now completed all my Christmas commissions except the one for my brother which I'm going to start today. I was going to have a break between Christmas and New Year but have decided I'll make a start on the classic car instead.

We've got quite a good covering of snow this morning and it's given more heavy snow for later in the day. Looks very pretty at the moment. I hate it when it all turns to slush though.

I managed to get all my cards written and sent during the week. I need to wrap some presents and then I think I'm organised!!

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  1. Hi Jo

    Well done you for getting it all done in time!! Got your card yesterday - thanks.

    I'll probably be doing a little bit of work during the hols as well - nice to get a head start on next years commissions isn't it? Good luck with the classic car ... I look forward to watching progress!