Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Sorry I've not posted for ages but my Dad's in hospital so things are a little hectic at the moment.
Four subject portrait is completed and approved but I can't post it for a couple of months. Have completed a single portrait of a Springer Spaniel which I'm just waiting for approval on and then I can put it on my website and blog. Next is a four portrait again of two black Labs, one Chocolate lab and a Lurcher. The Lurcher I have done before on his own. I'm just waiting for approval of my selection of photos and the positioning and then I can start it.


  1. Hi Jo
    You've been missed.
    Hope your Dad will be allowed home soon so you can all get 'back to normal' - whatever that is!

  2. Hi Jo, sounds hectic! hope your Dad is back home soon, fit and well x

  3. Thanks you two. He has his CT scan tomorrow so we'll see what that shows.