Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I've done a bit more on Scrappy's portrait today. I've not heard back from Sarah but hope she is happy with progress.

I've had a bit of a trauma with my car as I've hit a pothole on our road and now it's making a knocking sound, my car that is not the road!! I've booked it in with the nice chappies who have a garage at the end of our street tomorrow and I'm hoping it's nothing serious!!

I've also had to take my friend to the docs at the last minute. I sat in the car for an hour waiting for her, but somebody did ask me for a business card adter seeing my adverts on my car so watch this space.

I was going to cook a meal tonight but have decided we'll have a take-away instead and a glass of wine:-))


  1. Hope the car isn't tooooo sick Jo.

    Scrappy looking good so far and hope you can get back on track tomorrow.

  2. Hi Jo
    This is looking good, love the beautiful eyes and looking forward to updates.
    Hope you enjoy your take away and wine ;-)