Friday, 7 August 2009

Scrappy finished

I've finished Scrappy and Sarah's happy with him. Here are her comments.

'Scrappy, my Pitbull rescue dog from Barbados, broke my heart when he died. I wanted to get his portrait painted but was worried it would look too fluffly and to be honest a bit naff...He was a street dog, a little tough guy, and I somehow thought having his portrait painted would be uncool, maybe something my Aunt would do!! I was worried the finished result would look 'overdone' or unnatural. However I found Jo on the internet and really liked her work. I am so happy with the finished picture, it is cool, it's everything I wanted, he'd love it and so do I.'

So Scrappy will be on his way. Next it's two Huskies on a large double portrait. I'll do the outline for that over the weekend and then start to fill in the colour on Monday.

My car has been repaired by the way. It no longer makes a knocking sound! Anyway I'm not sure if I'll have time for blogging over the weekend but I hope everybody has a lovely weekend.


  1. Another beautiful portrait Jo, cant wait to see the Huskies, hope you have a good weekend too. (glad the car's better)

  2. I know exactly what the owner means re risking Scrappy's street cred but he looks proud and strong here just as befits such a handsome dog~ nice work!

  3. Another happy customer - well done Jo!

    David is away most of the weekend (with the car) so I'll be here at the drawing board tomorrow (and hopefully at the Dogs Trust Fun Day on Sunday - weather permitting). Have a good one