Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Four dog portrait

At last I'm getting back on track with work. This is where I'm upto so far with the four dog portrait. The chocolate lab is working quite well. The last dog is another black labrador and I'm hoping that if all continues to go well and I can put the hours in that I can finish the portrait tomorrow.

Dad is coming home from hospital today which is good news. He seems much brighter and will hopefully continue to improve once he is home.

Some sad news this week, we had to have our oldest cat Ginny put to sleep. She was nearly fourteen and had been ill for a while. She had deteriorated over the weekend and on Monday morning we knew that ' the decision' had to be made. Even though she was our cat she lived across the street with Mum and Dad. She decided to leave us for a quieter life when we got our first Maine Coon, Mitch, when he was a kitten. He was just too bouncy and playful for her so she decided that at Mum and Dads she could have an easier life and that's where she's been for the last seven years. I saw her every day which was nice. Anyway she's peaceful in kitty heaven now no doubt chasing leaves like she used to do when she was younger.

Well I'd better crack on with the portrait. Hope you're all having a good week.

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