Friday, 23 October 2009


I've been given permission, by my client, to show my next commission on my blog. This is Max a GSD/Rottie cross. He coming along quite well but it's a little slow going trying to build up all the colours in his fur. So far so good though. The main photo that I'm working from doesn't show any of his neck so I've got to use another as ref. and 'make it up' a bit as I go along.

I need to do a quick tidy up now as I've just had a call from a client who I did a portrait for a few weeks ago and she wants another so is going to call in with the refs for me to have a look at. The throws on the sofa's need straightening but they're full of snoozy cats at the mo. I'll have to get the vacuum out and then they'll soon move.

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