Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Well I've started and finished the Cocker Spaniel. The people who are giving it as a gift are over the moon with it, lets hope the owners will be when they see it.

I'm afraid my blog is going to be really uninteresting for a while as my next few commissions are surprise presents. I'll just post them when I know they've been given to the recipients.

Had a lovely evening last night. My step daughter is over from Spain so she came to see us. Roast dinner was on the menu as it's her favourite with a host of Yorkshire puddings as requested as apparently in Spain they only give you one!!!!!!

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  1. Hi Jo, I'm in the samre boat :-( I recon there will be lots of boring pictureless blogs around in the lead up to Christmas...........surprises are only fun when they are headed your way :-)